Monday November 29, 2021

Did you know?

At Novamac, we have the equipment that'll perfectly suit to your needs.

That's right!

Novamac offers the most complete range of reliable drilling equipment for dimensional stone industry. No wonder we're still number 1 in the dimensional stone! As well as offering pneumatic and hydraulic series, Novamac may design custom built products for your quarry.

Hydraulic range

We offer a full range of autonomous equiment to explore your quarry. Different configurations of fully hydraulic high production drill rig on Novamac's 4x4 rubber-wheel carriers (Apache, Explorer) or a self standing frame (Ranger, Side-Winder). Recently, we designed a powerful tool to split rocks (Power splitter) to add a complete production packlage to our customers.

Pneumatic range

Different configurations of economical pneumatic drill rigs that are either self-standing (Ori-drill, Pneumac series, Web-drill, Wrangler) or can be mounted on existing equipment (Slider, Ram). Some models can be configured to drill horizontally and others to drill vertically with one or two pneumatic rockdrils or even with a "in-the-hole" hammer. To perform granite curbing, an oustanding drill table (Rocker) is surely the right choice for your production needs.

Custom built equipment

Novamac constantly aim for innovation! We have a special project for us, just ask! Our engineering department will certainly get the answers.

Specialized services

Comprehensive training programs of drilling and equipment maintenance operations.

We strive to continually set higher standards for our quality products combine with excellence after-sale support!